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Ants Lab is a unique range of Lab Supplies and Services created around the core expertise and exposure of Ants as a R&D driven company. Ants understand your R&D requirements like no one else. Click here to see the products and services currently on offer,

Don't forget to check this space frequently as new products and services gets updated every month from our interaction with scientists and students the world over. Ants Lab has grown from its spirit of providing cost effective, best and quickest procurement solutions to scientific fraternity. Ants achieve this by enabling smooth flow of information within its extensive network among scientists from various fields and from its own learning while searching for solutions in its product development pursuits. ANTS Ceramics Provide training on Basic Ceramic Processing and Skill Development. ( Please contact at for Training Programme)

Micro Machining on Sintered Ceramic Blanks and Quartz.

As a very first in our country Ants has developed capabilities to design, engineer, tool and manufacture technical ceramics according to customer's design and requirement. Ants specialize in machining complicated shapes like external threads, internal threads, grooves, profiles, holes, polishing ceramic blanks just like metal blanks. The To-Be machined Sintered parts are manufactured at Ants or they are imported from Germany and USA. The comprehensive range of materials that are available for machining are given below. Do write to us with your drawing and enquire about materials available and their properties.

1.  Alumina
2.  Aluminium Nitride
3.  Aluminium Silicates
4.  CD (Charge Dissipative) Alumina
5.  Cordierite
6.  CVD Silicon Carbide
7.  Fused Silica
8.  MACOR (Machinable Glass Ceramic)
9.  Magnesium Oxide
10. Pyrolytic Boron Nitride (PBN)
11. Silicon Carbide (SiC)
12. Silicon Nitride (Si3N4)
13. Steatite
14. Titania
15. Zirconia (TZP)
16. Zirconia Toughened Alumina (ZTA)

Industrial Products

A. Ceramic Jacket for Metal Melting Application/Induction Melting ( Excellent Thermal Shock Resistant) and Jewellery application

1 kg Jacket -ID 55 mm Depth  110 mm  

2 kg Jacket - ID 60 mm, Depth 150 mm

3 kg Jacket - ID 80 mm, Depth 120 mm

ANTS also supply as per design and  Custom Dimension


B. Carbon Sulphur Analysis Crucible

Special Composition has been developed crucible for infrared high-frequency carbon and sulphur analyzer. It is widely used in steel, metallurgy, oil, machinery manufacturing and Scientific Research. 

Shape dimension: 24*24mm, 25*25mm, 26*26mm 

The low blank-point of carbon and sulfur in our crucibles . (C%: 0.0002-0.0003% S%: 0.0002-0.0003%). Crucibles will be wrapped in Aluminium Foil to avoid any impurity.

Extremely good thermal Shock resistance

C. ANTS has developed different metal melting  and glass melting application composition

D. High Energy Intensive milling jar for Mechanical Alloying or Size reduction up to nano level

Material Offered:

1. Alumina

2. Chromia Doped Alumina

3. Zirconia Doped Alumina

4. Yttria Stabilised Alumina

5. Cobal Bonded Tungsten Carbide


To The Service  of  The Scientific Society

ANTS Ceramics provides technical know how and expertise to research community by spreading knowledge of powder compaction, slurry processing and subsequent sintering, grinding. Many a times due to lack of facility and knowhow, good synthesized powder also do not provide good result after sintering. Grain size will be large due to coarsening . Porosity remains in microstructure. Properties get modified and detoriated for all uncontrolled parameters. ANTS Ceramics can try to help you by providing service of spray drying of your synthesized powder, pressing of spray dried powder and sintering of your pressed pellets. ANTS can also provide grinding facility for your components.


Ants Industrail

Originating from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Ants Ceramics is India's first Advanced Materials company which is R&D driven and deeply into product development. IIT's were created in post independence era by Govt. of India as seats of engineering and technical excellence at par with International Standards. Since its inception a number of Companies and Govt. organisations has approached Ants for consultancy and product development. In last three years Ants has developed a number of industrial solutions which are India's first in the field of Jewelry, Diamond Polishing, Defense, Nuclear, Catalysis, Dental Labwork and so on.

If you or your organization are looking for solutions in the field of Ceramics, let us know. The world is big and we don't know everything. Yet, we would be interested in charting the unknown and develop effective solutions. 

New Arrival

New Products in FY 2016-17