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1. Labwares in Platinum, Quartz, 99.7% Alumina, Zirconia, Silica (Click on Image for Price List)

Alumina Labware
Alumina Conical CrucibleAlumina LabwarePlatinum CrucibleQuartz Labware    

    Alumina               Alumina              Alumina              Platinum            Quartz          Zirconia Labware

Iso-Pressed Graphite Crucibles          Custom Dimension Crucibles (Available on request)

2. Agate Mortar and Pestle, Granite, Porcelain and Alumina Mortar and Pestle
(Click on Image for Price List)

Grey AgateGranite Mortar & PestleAlumina Mortar & Pestle

   Grey Agate           Granite              Alumina
Alumina Mortar & Pestle (Available on request)

3. Quartz & 60%, 80%, 95%, 99.5% Alumina Tubes, Twin Bore, Four Bore Tubes, Furnace Muffle and Thermocouple Sheath
(Click on Image for Price List)

Alumina TubeMulti Bore TubeFurnace MuffleQuartz TubingAlumina Tube

Furnace Tube     Multi Bore Tube   Furnace Muffle    Alumina Tube       Quartz Tube               
Quartz Tubing (From Dia 2 mm to 200 mm) (Available on request)

4. Differential and Thermal Analysis (DTA/TG) consumables in Alumina, Aluminum, Platinum (Click on Image for Price List)

Thermal Analysis Alumina PanThermal Analysis Platinum PanThermal Analysis Platinum PanThermal Analysis Alumina Pan

Platinum & Aluminum Pans on enquiry  Alumina Thermal Analysis Pans                    

5. Custom fabrication of prototype and unique apparatus in Alumina, Zirconia

Alumina Custom CrucibleAlumina SleeveAlumina Coal Analysis CrucibleAlumina HangerSilica Investment Casting CoreAlumina Pully

Alumina Spacer   Coal Analysis Crucible                                             Alumina Pully
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6. Custom fabrication of prototype and unique apparatus in Quartz / Fused Silica glass

Quartz Custom TrayQuartz TubesQuartz ShapesQuartz Custom Set UpQuartz Shapes

Quartz Tubing     Optical Quartz     Quartz Reactor   Quartz Substrate     Quartz Sample Holder
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7. Powder Compaction/Pellet Making dies in Hardened Steel and Tungsten Carbide

Die PunchTungsten Carbide Die CacvityTungsten Carbide Die PunchDie Punch

Let us know pellet thickness, diameter and your preference of die material (Steel/Tungsten Carbide)
8. Resistance, Induction Furnaces and Oven and related consumables

Lab FurnaceCustom FurnaceCustom Furnace

Send Enquiry & Required Specifications

9. Sputtering Targets and Alumina Substrates (for Thin Film Deposition)

Alumina Sputtering Target96% Alumina Substrate

Target Disk        Alumina Substrate
Alumina Sputtering Target                        Sputtering Target in other materials (available on request)

10. Porous Alumina tubes and membranes with 2-10 and 20-35 micron pore size and upto 40% Porosity
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11. Ants offer its customers ceramics machining with diamond tools. On offer are cutting, machining and polishing services for Alumina and Zirconia components. Intricate drilling, outer diameter machining, internal diameter machining, surface polishing and slotting are some of the services on offer.
Ceramic Cutting

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12. Ants can assist you with low cost patent prosecution services. Our team will assist you from invention development to patent grant. Our experts can also assist you in identifying the licensing potential of your patent. For all your IP needs , we are your colleagues on-call.

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Mortar & Pestle
Quartz Tubes, Alumina Tubes
Thermal Analysis Pans
Powder Compaction Dies
Quartz Custom Fabrication
Alumina Custom Fabrication
Ovens and Furnaces
Porous Components
Sputtering Targets
Alumina Substrate

Ceramic Cutting, Machining
Patents Filing
Nano Platinum Sol
FTO Coated Glass
Nano Titania

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