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Ants Ceramics did not start in the proverbial "garage" but it was something close. The company started in an IIT Kharagpur lab by two engineers under the mentor-ship of their professor. Ants have a dream, a vision to be a state of art advanced ceramics manufacturing company capable of making complex, customized ceramic components. Ants aim to be a pioneer in IP driven manufacturing and commercialisation of ceramics and to create an eco-system for research and development in material science.

It has been a challenging journey and Ants has come a long way from being in a lab to having our own manufacturing facility and office in Vasai, Mumbai. The company currently supply to majority of research labs in both government and educational institutions in India has established its presence in various other countries.

Ants Team:

Ashwini Jain, MSc. (Geophysics), IIT Kharagpur. He has an unbridled passion to innovate and research. Ashwini is currently responsible for production and new product development.

Sabyasachi Roy, B.Tech (Ceramics), M.Tech. (Material Science), IIT Kharagpur. Popularly known as "Roy", he along with Ashwini takes products from lab to market. Roy is primarily responsible for marketing.

Tushar Gothi, B.Tech (Agriculture Engg), GB Pant University of Agriculture. He has been with Ants from its initial days, with thorough understanding of business, Tushar is primarily responsible for operations.


Prof. P. Bhargava, Professor, Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Science, IIT Bombay (B.Tech. IIT Bombay, M.S., Ph.D., Univ of Alabama). Prof. Bhargava is not only a mentor but a constant source of inspiration for the team.

Ants is committed to bringing knowledge and expertise from the confines of laboratories to develop better products, thus minimising the gap between knowledge creation and product development.