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Split Tube Furnace (1100oC – 1600oC)

This enables easy access where work tubes are to be changed between jobs or where the furnace is to be wrapped around the sample for example in tensile test rigs.

Horizontal and Vertical split tube furnace.

This tube furnaces use free radiating wire elements embedded within the insulation of the furnace body. Wire elements in high quality vacuum formed insulation ensure fast heat up, excellent    temperature uniformity and short cool down times. The benefit of this design is its flexibility; with the use of tube adapters (refractory blocks) the same furnace can be used with a variety of tube diameters.

These furnaces comprise a furnace body which is hinged and split into two halves along its length. This makes exchange of work tubes easier and also enables the furnace to be used with reactors or work tubes where end flanges would make insertion into a non-split furnace difficult.

Accessorries of furnace 

Temperature sensing thermocouple and digital display (150oC-1700oC)

We offer all common types of highly accurate thermocouples for monitoring process temperature and    calibrating instruments. These thermocouples are also available with calibration certificate from a NABL accredited lab. For remote sensing infrared temperature sensors are available.

Along with thermocouple, we also offer appropriate compensating cable and digital display. In order to inquire about a thermocouple kindly specify temperature range, length of compensating cable, type of thermocouple head (ceramic / metal) and if you require digital display.

Quartz and Alumina Tubes for Furnace (750oC – 1700oC)

We offer tubes of various diameter and length in materials like Inconel, Fused Quartz, 80%      Alumina and Recrystallized Alumina for use as furnace work tubes.

Alumina Furnace tubes can be customized, as per requirement they can be made with round    bottom or with a close end. To closely fit tube end flanges, the end (or ends) of alumina furnace tube can be made either rough cut or ground.

In addition we also offer ground glass standard taper joints, or "ball-and-socket" joints, and also small flanges for sealing. For more information kindly visit

Standard tubes size which are provided with furnaces are given below.

Furnace work tube end flanges and vacuum fittings.

Tube furnace is recommended for heating sample in controlled atmosphere. To maintain controlled atmosphere we offer accessories like

1. Matching stainless steel and aluminum flanges

2. High temperature viton rubber O-rings

3. Various kind of valves like needle and ball valves

4. SS bellows for connecting the work tube to vacuum pump

5. Rotary vacuum pump

6. Pirani Gauges (analog and digital)

7. KF couplings, center rings and clamps

8. Rotameter for  gas flow measurement